Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wii vs PS3 vs 360

Now i know this has been discussed over and over, but i am just gonna put my 2 cents in. First i am gonna start with the Wii. It is way more innovative than the other two and the pure enjoyment factor is there. And for the price it might be the best value. But one of the problems that I hear over and over is that after a couple of days of playing it gets kinda old and kiddy. I mean it is great if you and your family play it. But it doesnt have the hardcore gaming audience with it.
The PS3 has probably better graphics or will have better graphics when it reaches its capabilities. It also has a built in BluRay player and WiFi support. My only problem with it is the lack of games, and the price tag.
The 360 is much like the PS3 only it has a better game library and a better online community.

The winner is.........PS3. Although the price tag (which i hear is gonne be cut another $100) is high, the overall capabilities and the fact it has a built in BluRay player, which is looking to be the format that is gonna win, made it the best choice. And with no fees to play online it will pay for itself with the money you are paying for Live, not to mention the wireless adapter you have to buy to hook up your wireless. And i'm sure the game library will be better once the next Metal Gear Solid or GTA comes out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where is IPX

For my first real main blog i would like to discuss why Windows Vista does not include the IPX protocol anymore. I mean did Windows forget all of us who still wanna play starcraft or age of empires on the good old IPX. I know i could probably play it using TCP/IP but it is better with IPX. I know there is a way to install IPX on Vista but it is more for using the Novell software client. So for all of us starcraft players, I guess we will have to hope Windows 7 will have IPX.

First Post

Well with the maiden post of my blog i would like to say this isnt really gonna be a blog about my life. It is more gonna be about Technology and rants about certain things that need to be said. So look forward to some interesting facts that may or may not appeal to someone who might not have a big tech background.